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A special package deal including The Anthology of Computer Art – Sonic Acts 2006, The Art of Programming – Sonic Acts 2002 and The Art Of Point•Pixel•Programming – Sonic Acts 2001

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The Anthology of Computer Art – Sonic Acts 2006

This anthology celebrates the history of computer art. It gives special consideration not only to the evolution of autonomous computer art, in part through reprinting several seminal essays of pioneering practitioners, but also to an eclectic selection of exemplary contemporary projects, that span across the fields artist’s software, computer generated music and digital art. The featured essays, artistic projects and visual material characterize computer art is an autonomous art-form, firmly rooted both into the visual arts and technology. Ultimately, the anthology highlights the short period when, the worlds of technology, cybernetics and art came together. This publication includes a copy of Sonic Acts XI DVD.


Arie Altena & Lucas van der Velden, C.E.B. Reas, Lejaren Hiller Jr., Iannis Xenakis, Georg Nees, Max Bense, Frieder Nake, Zufälliger Polygonzug, Jasia Reichardt, Max Bense, Gene Youngblood, John Whitney, Frieder Nake, Lillian Schwartz, Manfred Mohr, Vera Molnar, Tony Longson, Ken Knowlton, Kim Cascone, Greg Kurcewicz, Wolfgang Lieser.

The Art of Programming – Sonic Acts 2002

This is the first comprehensive monograph of the Sonic Acts Festival. The richly illustrated volume captures the ninth edition of the festival, in which a special focus was placed on artists working with computer-generated images and software tools. The book not only surveys ‘the world behind the laptop’ but traces through-lines from earlier editions of the festival to contemporary developments into the fields of media arts, electronic music, and multimedia presentations.


Rick van der Ploeg, Roy Ascott, Mike Punt, Thecla Schiphorst, Chris Speed, AdrianWard/Slub, Casey Reas, Paul Berg, Joel Ryan, Robin Rimbaud/Scanner, Robert Hencke/Monolake, Kent Clelland, Remko Scha, Wouter Hager, Arthur Elsenaar, Adger Stokvisch, Lucas van der Velden, Bas Haring, Bob Karhof, Frans de Ruiter, Jack Verduyn Lunel, Frans Evers, Joost Rekveld.

The Art of Point•Pixel•Programming – Sonic Acts 2001


Recently unearthed from the depths of the Sonic Acts archive, The Art Of Point Pixel Programming is a CD with data track and a 36-page book, released after Sonic Acts Festival in 2000. More than two decades on, the publication offers a fascinating perspective on early computerised art as well as Sonic Act’s inaugural years as an organisation.

Originally presented as part of the Points and Pixels lecture series, the book contains transcribed talks: ‘Poor Man’s Infinity’ by Taco A.W. Stolk, ‘The Arab Method’ by Dick Raaijmakers and Electronic Brushstrokes by Vincent Icke. Each of the texts moves through evocative metaphor – locked bathroom doors, biblical scenes, monastic musical scales and the noise of dying stars – to describe the pixel as a room, vault of information or vehicle for fantasy.

The data track contains videos from the following performances: ‘XorC’ by Peter Max and Robert Pravda, ‘XORCE-1’ by Dr. Loop vs. Tappo Kontakt, ‘Qt x (tcw23)W’ by Arthur Ivens, ‘_Reply-X_or_C’ by Geert Oddens and Minuszero, and ‘sBar’ by Robert Pravda. Its concluding pages and introduction cover Sonic Acts activities, detailing past editions of the festival while reflecting the convergence of arts education and research with club culture.

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