Vinyl & Digital Download: Transients I/O


Vinyl release – Transient I
Side A
Carrier (Part I) (11:40)
Side B
Carrier (Part II) (18:36)

Digital release – Transient O (available as a download link inside the vinyl)
1 – Overturn (05:51)
2 – Audacious (04:46)
3 – Drift (03:07)
4 – Glimmer (04:22)

Released 18 February 2022

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Transients I/O is also available as a bundle (€25) with INVERSIA002 (Settlers by Sergey Kostyrko)

Transients I/O, the debut solo release from Andreas Kühne, captures a hidden city at the edge of the Earth. Based on field improvisations recorded from 2018–2020 in Murmansk – the largest city above the Arctic Circle – the two-part electro-acoustic album uses the sounds of objects across Murmansk to speculate on the identity of this remote city – and how its young inhabitants cope with living there.

As himself a ‘transient’ in Murmansk, Amsterdam-based sound artist, drummer, and producer Andreas Kühne recorded site-specific musical improvisations with objects that are visibly present in the city but not audible. A nuclear submarine, abandoned vehicles, decaying harbours, factories and bridges – all resonate and tell their own stories. And the multiformat release expresses these in two very different ways: rough-hewn, explosive textures on the four-track digital release, versus the yawning, slow billowing natural overtones of ‘Carrier’ Parts I and II on the vinyl. Listened to in any order, this cycle takes unexpected turns, presenting listeners with a vivid tour through a dynamic, distant landscape.

Transients I/O was developed as part of Murmansk Prospekt, and commissioned by Sonic Acts [NL] and Fridaymilk [RU]

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