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Subscribe to Ecoes  and receive every issue to your door!

Ecoes, the new periodic magazine of Sonic Acts Press, is a portmanteau of the words ‘ecology’ and ‘echoes’. The magazine about ‘art in the age of pollution’ launches a new trajectory for the Press as its first serial publication presenting artistic research year-round and independently of the biennial Sonic Acts Festival or the intervening Sonic Acts Academy.

Released twice a year, Ecoes centres loosely around alternatives to the anthropocentric view that sees Earth and the non-human world as an endless resource. It continues Sonic Acts’ focus on presenting compelling artistic and critical perspectives reflecting on the rapidly changing world around us. Malleable in form and size, the magazine dedicates its pages to works and practices that engage deeply with the past, future or afterlives of environmental harm, toxicity and waste.

This subscription is intended for libraries, universities, cultural institutions and offices of more than twenty-five employees. Included in this one time subscription is Ecoes #1, Ecoes #2, Ecoes #3 and the upcoming Ecoes#4. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.


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